Steven L. Thornton, CEO/President, is an engineer with over 25 years expertise in engineering and program management.  He is committed to providing High-End Science and Engineering Solutions to customers and meeting their highest expectations. 

Our Focus
   • High-End Science and Engineering Solutions
   • End-to-End R&D Engineering (Design, Analysis, Testing)
   • Address All Domains
        · Technical
        · Programmatic
        · Logistics
    • Unique Business Relationships
        · Vendors
        · Competitors
        · Teammates

Our Talent
    • Subject Matter Experts
        · Program Management 
        · Flight Motion Simulators
        · Hardware-in-the-Loop
        · Modeling & Simulation
    • Extensive Experience
        · Expertise Across Multiple Disciplines
        · 24 Years Average per Employee
    • Full Spectrum of Support

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